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  • Perinatal Therapy

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    Therapy for Pregnancy and New Parenthood

    Welcoming a child into your family will rock your world. Guaranteed.  But not always in the ways that the ways we expect.  It is wonderful, and amazing, and tiring.  But it is also traumatic, anxiety producing, and totally overwhelming.  It may feel like it was mean to be, and you may feel like you’ve made a huge mistake – sometimes at the same time.

    For some women, a morning walk, a healthy diet, and receiving help and support from family and friends are sufficient enough to get through the initial adjustment period. For others, talking to a therapist who specializes in dealing with new motherhood issues can be comforting, relieving, and enlightening.

    In therapy we will explore all of the feelings that present themselves in pregnancy and postpartum / early motherhood including:

    • Feeling overwhelmed
    • Wondering if you should have become a mother in the first place
    • Feeling guilty due to high self-expectations
    • Feeling ill-equipt for your job as parent
    • Not feeling “bonded” with the baby
    • Feeling anxious and unsettled
    • Feeling empty and numb as if you’re just going through the motions
    • Lack of focus and concentration
    • Being afraid that if you reach out for help, others will judge you
    • Thoughts of running away or leaving your baby behind
    • Being constantly in a state of worry