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  • Therapy for Pregnancy and New Parenthood

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    Welcoming a child into your family will rock your world. Guaranteed.  But not always in the ways that the ways we expect.  It is wonderful, and amazing, and tiring.  But it is also traumatic, anxiety producing, and totally overwhelming.  It may feel like it was meant to be, and you may feel like you’ve made a huge mistake – sometimes at the same time.

    I specialize in supporting women during the transformative journey of pregnancy and early parenthood. My compassionate and evidence-based approach focuses on nurturing emotional well-being, fostering healthy relationships, and empowering women to navigate this significant life phase.

    Supporting Pregnant Women:

    Prenatal Counseling:

    • Emotional Preparation: I guide expectant mothers through emotional changes, addressing anxiety, fears, and expectations related to childbirth and parenting.
    • Relationship Dynamics: We explore how pregnancy impacts relationships with partners, family, and friends.
    • Self-Care: I emphasize self-compassion, stress management, and self-care practices during pregnancy.

    Postpartum Support:

    • Transition to Parenthood: I assist new mothers in adjusting to their roles, managing expectations, and coping with sleep deprivation and lifestyle changes.
    • Emotional Challenges: We address postpartum depression, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm.
    • Partner and Family Dynamics: I help navigate changes in relationships and communication patterns.

    Empowering New Parents:

    Co-Parenting Strategies:

    • Effective Communication: I teach communication skills to enhance cooperation and understanding between partners.
    • Conflict Resolution: We explore healthy ways to resolve disagreements and maintain a supportive environment for the child.

    Bonding and Attachment:

    • Parent-Infant Bonding: I guide parents in creating secure attachments with their newborns.
    • Understanding Infant Needs: We discuss cues, feeding, and sleep patterns to promote a nurturing environment.

    Self-Care for Parents:

    • Balancing Roles: I emphasize self-care practices for parents to maintain their well-being while caring for their child.
    • Managing Stress: We explore coping strategies to handle the demands of parenting.

    Why Choose My Services?

    • Holistic Approach: I consider the whole family system, recognizing that each member’s well-being impacts the others.
    • Evidence-Based Techniques: I integrate research-backed methods to address emotional health, communication, and relationship dynamics.
    • Safe Space: My practice provides a confidential and nonjudgmental environment for open dialogue.
    • Compassionate Support: I am committed to empowering women and families during this transformative phase.

    If you’re seeking compassionate guidance during pregnancy or early parenthood, I invite you to connect with me. Together, we can navigate this beautiful and challenging journey. 

    I am a Gottman Certified Bringing Baby Home Educator and my work with new parents is informed by this approach.