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  • Therapy for Anxiety

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    Do you feel overwhelmed by your anxious thoughts?
    Are you finding it hard to engage in activities you once enjoyed because of the worry that takes over?
    Do you find your mind racing at all hours of the day and night?

    “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.”
    — Swedish proverb


    When it comes to treating anxiety, research shows that therapy can be very effective.  If you are struggling with anxious thoughts we will explore the possible root causes, thought patterns that intensify the anxiety, and tools to help you keep it at bay.  I will also help you understand the pros and cons of medication and identify an appropriate provider, if this is a route that you choose to explore.

    Some symptoms of anxiety include:

    • A general sense of unease
    • Hypervigilance to typical situations around you
    • Nervousness, restlessness, or being tense
    • Feelings of danger, panic, or dread
    • Rapid breathing or hyperventilation
    • Difficulty focusing or thinking clearly about anything other than the thing you’re worried about
    • Insomnia
    • Anxiety surrounding a particular life event or experience that has occurred in the past

    Therapy can help to uncover the underlying causes of your worries and fears, learn how to relax, look at situations in a new, less frightening way, and develop better coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills.

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