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  • Psycho-Oncology

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    Therapy for Cancer Patients, Survivors, and Loved Ones

    A chronic illness is never something we plan for, but one day we get a diagnosis, and suddenly our world, and the world of our loved ones, is turned upside down.  I know because I have been there.  I utilize my personal experiences and professional training to help you navigate your new post-diagnosis world.

    I specialize in helping people navigate a cancer diagnosis, whether it is as a patient, a survivor, or a loved one.  This path is never easy.  Things we were once able to do, may no longer be possible. Plans we once made, we may no longer be able to keep. Our positive emotions are often replaced by negative ones like fear, stress, anger, shame, and low self-worth.

    Together, we we can harness the psychological and emotional challenges of a cancer diagnosis and create new understandings to help you thrive.